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Completely Mobile

Our extremely mobile mining solution in standardized CSC containers and ready for “plug-and-play” deployment at any energy source in the World.

User case


As the name implies, Our Mobile Mining Units are 100% mobile and simple to transport Globally, providing immunity, e.g. from local political restrictions.

User case

Accessing Cheap Energy

Drop in the price of solar panels has led to tumbling electricity prices at photovoltaic plants Globally. Our Mobile Mining Units can monetize virtually free local overcapacities.

User case

Steady Growth

To boost our dividend payouts yearly, Our reinvestment strategy enables us to increase the number of our Mobile Mining Units.

Ico Details

Token Fact Sheet

Token name Native Coin
Token symbol NTV


  • Token Standard:           ERC-20
  • Token Issue Volume:    1,000,000,000
  • Presale:                        100,000,000 (40% Presale Bonus)
  • Crowdsale:                   900,000,000 (30% Crowdsale Bonus)
  • Tokens Generated:      Tokens not distributed will not be generated Exchange
  • Rate:                            1 NTV = $0.5, $0.6, $0.7, $0.8, $0.9 USD
  • Token Purchase:          ETH
  • Voting and Veto rights:  In important decisions
  • Use of Proceeds:          91% Investment in MMU's and 9% in Research, Development & Administration
  • Retention Ratio:            Receive 80% of earnings,
  • Reinvest 20% to boost future payouts
  • PRESALE DISCOUNT:                 PERIOD
  • $0.5                                               JUNE 1st - 2nd JUNE, 2018
  • $0.6                                               JUNE 3rd - 4th JUNE, 2018
  • $0.7                                               JUNE 5th - 6th JUNE, 2018
  • $0.8                                               JUNE 7th - 8th JUNE, 2018
  • $0.9                                               JUNE 9th - 30th JULY, 2018

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Our Team

Ashley Baines


A Marketer by profession with international experience. Started investing in Green Renewable Energy since 2008. Believes that a combination of digital technologies and renewable energy is the future. Linkedin

Yuki Tomoko


A cryptocurrency investor and Technology Director. Expert in smart contract and blockchain with Ethereum technology with over 8 years' experience. Linkedin

Shigeyuki Mitsu


Software engineer with over 12 years experience as senior software engineer and associate Senior Vice President, NEC Fielding Ltd. Linkedin

Stefan Ville


An expert in Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts. Has also led the development and financing of over 1,000 MW of combined renewable power while working at BP Wind Energy North America, Power Costs Inc., and Duke Energy North America. Linkedin

Kouji Hashigai


Full stack JavaScript Developer and crypto Trader, Gabrielle Redmond specializes in Jquery, HTML, CSS, Angular & React. Linkedin

Jhanna Relosa


Director of Marketing. Expert in Marketing, Media & consumer relationships.

Robert Green


Blockchain expert, Founder and CTO. Experience applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and risk management in energy markets. Strong Background in tech, math and economics. Linkedin

Eric Marion


Specialist in IT-Security with over 9 years experience.


We offer additional customer services to individuals investing over USD $1 million. Please send us an email or contact support and we will get in touch with you
No minimum investment fixed yet
We accept Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency payment.
Payments will be made weekly to NTV token holders in Ether (ETH) when the full production of ICO-funded MMUs are deployed and installed. Nativecoin hopes to support additional currencies in the future—maybe even fiat if the community asks for it. To make sure that the transaction fees do not exceed the payout amount or represent a big part of the payout, we will automatically set minimum payouts based on the transaction fees. Example: a token holder whose payout would be one USD would not receive their payment if the transaction fee were one USD. Instead, the payment would be held until the following week or until the payment amount reached a level where transaction fees did not eat the profits. Mining will begin soon after the ICO is complete and mass production of MMUs will start. Dividends will begin for token holders at different times according to when the minimum payment threshold is met for each individual, e.g. holding 100k tokens means you will get a payout sooner because you will reach the payout minimum before someone holding 500 tokens. Payouts will continue as long as mining is profitable for the lifetime of the token contact.
Nativecoin encourages everyone to do research before investing. Our team has decades of experience in the Blockchain Industry and all of their activities are public. Our token is fully compliant with regulations set by the SEC and Swiss financial regulators and outside auditors from one of the Big Four auditing firms will vet every aspect of the business, including prior to the ICO.
Thanks for your interest in working with us. You can always check our website available job listings.
Yes. You need an ERC20 compatible wallet to store your NTV tokens. We recommend to use the MetaMask plugin for Chrome as it is the easiest way and does most of the work for you.
Nativecoin as the name implies does not exclude persons from any Native or Country of Location from participating in the ICO. No matter your Native or Country where you are located, you can participate in the ICO. US residents, citizens, and Green Card holders will need to confirm their eligibility as accredited investors. Investors whose country of residence is Germany may not invest in NTV tokens. Please be advised that this restriction is due to Nativecoin's special status as a security token. As an alternative to providing financial documents, US investors can be automatically accredited if they instead demonstrate proof that they posses a wallet containing at least USD $1 million worth of cryptocurrency. Austrian residents may only invest amounts greater than €125000.
Tokens will be purchased directly from Nativecoin during the ICO. There is a hard cap of 900 million NTV tokens. Any unsold tokens will not be generated. The NTV security token is fully compliant with US and Swiss financial authority regulations. NTV tokens may be traded on secondary exchanges after the ICO in addition to public regulated exchanges. This is what it might look like:
We do not sell our Mobile Mining Units to individuals. We do have options for third-party co-operations for our industry customers. If you are not an industry customer, then the best option for you is to participate in our ICO. Dividend payouts will begin almost immediately and you will profit from the entire Nativecoin Mobile Mining Unit operation. If you are an industry customer, then please send us an email with the subject: "Purchase Request", with the below information so that we can direct your request to our sales team: Name: Company: Position: Location: Type of electricity generation for your power plant: Indication of electricity prices at you location: Estimate of how many units you would like to purchase:
There are multiple layers of security to keep your MMU safe. (1.) Security is provided by virtue of their placement near power plants, which already offer a high degree of physical security. The available security on site is one of the criteria that are taken into account when choosing an installation location. (2.) From the maintenance and security staff hired to monitor the units deployed in large arrays at the first sites. For example, this might include an external security company that monitors a multi-unit array. (3.) Physical barriers like barbed wire and our automated doorman system including heavy locks operated by our servers. This level includes motion sensors, etc. that all report directly to our cloud application. This software is already running in our first generation of MMUs! Last but not least, our mobile mining units are insured against theft, damage and natural disasters like floods, so even unavoidable natural catastrophes and adverse events will not threaten our operations.